The Ultimate Stress Reset Workshop

A Natural Approach to Elimintating Adrenal Fatigue in Ambitious Women

Join me on March 14th from 1pm to 4pm at my office in Eastport.

522 Chesapeake Avenue, Annapolis MD 21403

Are you:

  • Fatigued of being fatigued?

  • In constant fight-or-flight mode and you can’t get out?

  • Stressed by attempting to reduce your stress?

  • Being told by different doctors that your fatigue and stress is "all in your head?"

  • Being told by a doctor that your thyroid results are totally normal and, therefore, you couldn't be fatigued? (Even though you are?)

  • Advised by doctors that your issue is depression, and you need to take anti-depressants?

  • Feel overwhelmed by all of the information out there on how to address and fix adrenal fatigue?


If you’re like most modern, busy, career women you’ve probably answered “Yes” to at least a few of the above questions.


Join me on March 14th and learn the answers to these questions and many more! 


Your registration includes:

  • A presentation by Dr. Erin Kinney
  • Juice Bar by Rasa Juice Shop
  • Breath work Demonstration
  • Mini Yoga Class
  • A full body RESET 

$97 Registration Fee

I'm Dr. Erin Kinney

I’ve spent the last ten years helping women just like you--women who know that something is “off” with their hormones, moods, and adrenals, but who haven’t been able to find the right solution before.


You could keep going to general doctors who don’t specialize in stress and adrenal fatigue--and keep coming up short with answers and advice to deal with it. 


You could keep reading books and Web articles on the topic--trying to sort out all the different, conflicting, and potentially expensive advice to follow. 


You could just keep trying to power through the problem with more caffeine and more “willpower”--which actually only add stress to the situation


Or, you could come to my workshop, on March 14th in Annapolis, the Ultimate Stress Reset™ WorkShop: A Natural Approach to Eliminating Adrenal Fatigue in Ambitious Women  and learn to literally RESET your response to the stress life throws your way. 


What is the key to finding the right solution?

They key is to realize that the way you think about adrenal fatigue, and how to solve it, is going to massively impact whether you find a solution or not. 


If you think that the solution is going to come from just taking a few herb or vitamin pills, you’re probably not going to find the solution.


If you think the solution is just going to a few extra yoga or meditation classes in the course of your week, you’re probably not going to find the solution.


If you think that simply taking thyroid medication--even though your thyroids are normal--you’re probably not going to find the solution. 


What is the real solution?

The real solution is to reset how your body responds to everyday stressors.


It’s not just about taking a pill or an herb. It’s about changing your brain’s response to what we perceive as stress. If a lion is chasing you (a life threatening situation), you go into fight-or-flight mode, to run away. If you get a demanding email, or your boss is speaking to you in a harsh tone, or your child is whining, or you are sitting in endless traffic, or you are late to an appointment, none of those are life-threatening situations. 


But your thought-process around this--and therefore your body--responds to these as if they were life threatening, producing the same cascade of hormonal effects as if you were literally being chased by a lion! 


In this workshop, we’re going to focus on how to change the way your mind interprets all the potentially stressful events around you, so that you don’t turn them all into lions, and therefore aren’t always getting the lion’s share of stress! 

You will learn:

The right way to maximise stress reduction

Adjust your eating habits to rapidly change your stress response

Balance your sex hormones

Think smart about medications, supplements and herbs

Lifestyle changes that won't disrupt your life

How to avoid stressors to keep stress free

Join me on March 14th from 1pm to 4pm at my office in Eastport.

522 Chesapeake Avenue, Annapolis MD 21403

You will Experience:



Yoga Demonstration

Breath Work Demonstration

Sound Healing

Singing Bowl Meditation

Your Stress Melting Away

Organic, Cold-Pressed Juice

Organic, Nourishing Foods

Dr. Kinney was amazing. She explained things in a way that was very easy to understand and provided tips and ideas that I have already started implementing. The workshop was well worth the investment.


- Liz

I feel like my body's response to stress was literally reset after attending this workshop. The breath work and singing bowls were heavenly and I LOVED the gluten free and dairy free food and organic juices.


- Anita

After attending this workshop, I have a very clear understanding of how my body responds to stress in my life and what I can do to change that! To me, that is priceless. I am so happy I attended this event.


- Jennifer

You’re going to learn:

  • The right way to exercise to maximize stress reduction
  • The simplest, fastest shifts you can make in your eating habits to rapidly change your stress response 
  • The best way to balance your sex hormones so that your moods are stable
  • How to think smart about the various medications, supplements and herbs that you’re considering
  • The least-disruptive way to make the lifestyle changes you’ll need to make to solve the problem 
  • How to make sure you don’t get stressed out about reducing your stress! 

By the time you walk away from this workshop, you’re going to have a complete mindset shift around the stress in your life. 


You’re going to come away with an understanding of why the things you’ve tried in the past haven’t worked.


But more important, you’re going to have a roadmap for what will work. 


My main aim in this workshop is to make you feel empowered around fixing your adrenal fatigue--and that’s exactly how you’re going to feel when you walk out.


Join me on Saturday, March 14th from 1:00pm to 4:00pm, and you’re going to get all the answers you need to finally solve the problem.


I look forward to seeing you and helping you on the 14th!


There are only 20 seats available, and this invitation is going out to dozens of different lists, so if this workshop speaks to you, register right away to make sure you’re one of the 20--this will fill up. 


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