The Ultimate Stress Reset

When Dr. Kinney learned that 95% of the conditions her patients come in for end up being stress related she had to figure out a solution that is proven to work. In this workshop Dr. Kinney reveals her Ultimate Stress Reset Formula to help you reset your body & mind and achieve a more balanced lifestyle.

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What You'll Learn In This Virtual Workshop...

  • Facing The Reality

    Taking a closer look at the statistics and how stress impacts you and others around you.

  • What Stress Does To Your Body

    How stress affects your body and the symptoms you experience due to stress.

  • What Stress Does To Your Mind

    How stress affects your mind and why it's crucial to know how to deal with it as soon as you experience the symptoms.

  • The Physiology of Stress

    Dr. Kinney explains how stress can affect your nervous system and why balance is the key.

  • Common Mistakes That Cause Stress

    What are the most common mistakes we all make that cause unnecessary stress and how to avoid them.

  • Habits That Will Change Your Life

    Dr. Kinney reveals a few simple habits that will help you de-stress and allow you to develop a healthy lifestyle for years to come!

Meet Dr. Kinney

Naturopathic Doctor  Wellness Coach  Speaker

As a Naturopathic Doctor, she strongly believes the individual as an integral whole, made up of physiological, structural, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects, and influenced by environmental and lifestyle factors.


Dr. Kinney prefers to work with patients 1-1, but also offers many different types of programs.


When she is not helping her patients regain their energy and get their bodies back into balance she's either at home with her 2 young daughters or working to spread awareness about Naturopathic Medicine.


Dr. Kinney is currently the Immediate Past President of the Maryland Naturopathic Doctor’s Association and an active member of the American Association of Naturopathic Doctors.


She received a bachelor of arts from Vanderbilt University and was a summa cum laude graduate of the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine (UBCNM). While there she studied with Dr. Peter D’Adamo author of The Blood Type Diet.


Dr. Kinney is looking forward to helping you achieve your optimal health!